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Get married in Georgia

Georgia is a country in which it is possible to conclude a marriage between citizens of any country in the world - quickly and inexpensively.

Georgian legislation on marriage is distinguished by loyalty, bureaucratic procedures are easy and fast, the requirements for the documents provided are minimal, and prices are low. Of course, the procedure for preparing and conducting a marriage in Georgia has its own peculiarities, but we are well acquainted with all the nuances and will help you at all stages of your marriage.

If you cannot get married in the country of your residence for religious, migration, procedural, financial reasons, then Georgia is your right choice!

We are also ready to provide you with a full range of services for solemn registration of marriage, church weddings, wedding celebrations, leisure and honeymoon travel arrangements.

This happy day...

Sometimes our weddings are informal!

"Time for happiness –
A place for happiness –



Robert Green Ingersoll

agency in Georgia.
Why are we chosen?

Мы работаем быстро

We work fast.
A wedding in 1 day and an urgent apostille in 1 day is real!

Лучшие цены

We have comfortable prices.
Marriage registration -
from 390 
US Dollars.

Более 3-х лет на рынке свадебных услуг Грузии

For more than 6 years we have been working in the wedding services market in Georgia

Всегда на связи

We are always in touch. We respond quickly to your inquiries.


It is calm and safe with us - we will support you in any situation

Наши клиенты из разных стран

Residents of 42 countries have already become our clients. We work with couples from any country in the world

Мы все делаем вовремя

We do everything on time. We are not late.

Индивидуальный подход

We have an individual approach to each pair

Счастливые пары

During our work,

625 happy couples have become our clients

Мы компетентны

We are competent.
We know all the legal nuances of the most complex cases.

Европейские стандарты качества

We are guided by European quality standards

Нас рекомендуют

Clients are satisfied with our work and recommend us to their friends

And also, because:
  • we live and work in Georgia, and we are well aware of the nuances that can be encountered at any stage of preparing and conducting a wedding;

  • we hold beautiful, cozy, perfectly organized weddings for citizens of any country in the world - in any style, for any number of guests;

  • we have years of established contacts and business contacts, which allows us to quickly solve any problem;

  • we accompany each couple from the first to the last moment of our joint work;

  • we offer wedding services at a reasonable cost, with a guarantee of high quality.

A wedding in Georgia is an ocean of romance!

For us, the wedding day is as important an event as for our clients.
We feel full responsibility, we try not to miss a single moment in the organization and conduct of the holiday, we are ready to fulfill any wish. This is why customers become our good friends. And we're incredibly appreciative of their friendship and trust!

Your wedding coordinator

Julia, wedding coordinator in Tbilisi


My name is Julia, I am the head of "YULIKO WEDDING" - a wedding agency in Tbilisi.

The team of our Agency will do everything to make Your wedding day a great holiday.

I am always ready to answer your questions and provide you with any assistance in the preparation and conduct of the wedding.

What you need to get married in Georgia
(in advance, BEFORE arriving in Georgia):

  • Photocopies of foreign passports of the bride and groom, as well as witnesses (if you have them). Photocopies of passports must be sent to us by e-mail or messengers no later than 1 day before the date of filing an application for marriage registration. Photocopies of passports must be of good quality and fully legible. The originals of passports are presented when submitting documents and registering a marriage.

  • Photocopies of divorce certificates, if the marriage is not the first. Divorce certificates must be certified by an apostille in the country of issue or have consular legalization in the country of issue of the document. Photocopies of divorce certificates must be sent to us by e-mail or messengers no later than 1 day before the date of filing an application for marriage registration. Photocopies of divorce certificates must be of good quality and fully legible. Certified originals of divorce certificates must be provided when applying for marriage registration. If there were more than one previous marriages, then all certificates of divorce must be provided.

  • An advance payment for the preparation of documents.

  • If you want us to represent your interests in the state authorities of Georgia (in particular, to file an application for marriage registration on your behalf), you must issue us a notarized power of attorney certified by an apostille or consular legalization in the country of issue of the document. The original power of attorney must be sent to our postal address by international mail. The language of the power of attorney is English, Georgian or Russian.

  • We do not verify the accuracy of the information and personal data you provide. You are personally responsible for their accuracy before the state authorities of Georgia, the country of your residence and third countries.

We are glad to meet you! Write to us!

Your message has been sent, thank you!

... or call!


Our contact

Mobile, WhatsApp, Viber


Opening hours:
from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 19:00,
Saturday from 11:00 to 16:00
(Tbilisi time GMT +4)

day off - Sunday

5, Meliton and Andria Balanchivadze Street, 0171, Tbilisi, Georgia

Meeting by appointment only!

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