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Official marriage in the USA

  Official registration of marriage online in the USA
without the physical presence of the newlyweds -
legal marriage from anywhere in the world.​

Why is it convenient and profitable?

  • The service is available to citizens of any country.

  • The marriage procedure is official, 100% legal and legitimate.

  • Marriage is possible for any couple, regardless of their religion, nationality, gender and sexual orientation, actual location.

  • In times of epidemics, there is no need to worry about flights being cancelled, borders being closed, quarantines being introduced, etc. - you are getting married from your home.

  • The bride and groom, witnesses, relatives and guests may be in different countries. You save on the cost of air travel and accommodation.

  • Up to 30 people can attend the wedding ceremony. The only condition is that each invitee must enter the Zoom conference from their account.

  • You will receive an electronic and paper copy of the wedding certificate with an apostille issued by the government of Utah, USA.


  • You are not required to present a Certificate of Divorce if more than 60 days have passed since the divorce.

Who can get married online in the USA?

  • Residents of any country, any gender.

  • Persons 18 years of age or older who meet U.S. marriage requirements.

  • Persons not married at the time of marriage.

  • Persons who are not closely related.

  • Persons who are not distantly related (up to the age of 64).

Who is eligible for online marriage in the USA?

  1. Newlyweds who are in different countries.

  2. Persons unable to leave their country of permanent residence.

  3. Persons who are unable to obtain (lost) a certificate of divorce.

  4. Diverse and same-sex couples.

  5. Residents of countries that recognize online marriage registration.

  6. Couples planning to legalize their marriage in the USA, EU countries, other countries of the Hague Convention.

  7. Couples who plan to legalize their marriage in countries whose family laws comply with US law.

Who is NOT suitable for online marriage in the USA?

  1. Couples who plan to legalize their marriage in a country that is not a member of the Hague Convention.

  2. Couples planning to legalize their marriage in a country that does not recognize the registration of marriage without the physical presence of those entering into marriage (for example, Canada, Israel).

We recommend that you consult in advance with representatives of official bodies or consulates of the countries in which you plan to legalize your marriage regarding the recognition of the legality of online marriages.

Wedding in the USA online

What is required of the newlyweds:

  1. valid passports of the newlyweds;

  2. selfie photo of the newlyweds;

  3. availability of the technical ability to connect to an online broadcast in Zoom;

  4. two witnesses over 18 years of age;

  5. valid passports of the witnesses;

  6. if the newlyweds are not the first marriage, more than 60 days must pass after the divorce.

Reservation of the date of registration and payment are made no later than 5 days before the date of the ceremony.

How does this happen

Submission of documents and registration for the ceremony
First you need to fill out the questionnaire that we send.
We book the couple to apply and submit the application on behalf of the couple, pay the fees.
Upon application, the Utah State Office issues a Marriage License, which is valid for 32 days. During this period of time, an online ceremony is possible.

The ceremony will be held on the Zoom* platform, in English, at the appointed time. An interpreter can be provided for an additional fee.
The duration of the ceremony is 30 minutes. Ceremonies are held weekdays during Utah business hours - Mountain Standard Time (MST), UTC/GMT offset -7 hours. Daylight Saving Time March 13, 2023, offset UTC/GMT -6 hours.
Up to 30 people can attend the ceremony. The main requirement: each person is in their own webinar room.

Obtaining an electronic certificate
After the ceremony, an electronic Marriage certificate is issued with Ethereum blockchain certification.

Obtaining paper certificates
Registration of documents in the office and certification by apostille takes about 10 days.
Delivery to the country you specified takes up to several weeks, depending on the country.

Zoom is a free online video calling program similar to Skype or WhatsApp video calls. Supports video conferencing. Zoom can be downloaded here

The service package includes:

Marriage online

Registration of marriage in the USA without the physical presence of the newlyweds with apostilization of the Marriage Certificate

$ 1595.-


  • preparation and submission of documents (passport, application form);

  • booking the date of marriage registration;

  • payment of fees for filing an application and registration of marriage;

  • holding a marriage registration ceremony (online on the Zoom platform, in English. An interpreter is provided for an additional fee);

  • payment for the issuance of a paper copy of the Marriage Certificate with an apostille;

  • sending a paper copy of the Marriage Certificate to your chosen address by FedEx postal service;

  • consultations and support of your marriage by an employee of our agency.

It is additionally paid:

  1. Interpreter services at the ceremony (conducted in English) - 100 USD.

  2. An additional copy of the Wedding Certificate with an Apostille - 60 USD.

  3. Sending a wedding certificate to an additional address.

Marriage registration is carried out in accordance with the laws of the state of Utah, USA.

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